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By 1994 after some years in the USA, we felt (with all due respect) that good and authentic Mexican food was missing from most Mexican restaurants at the time. If we wanted to eat good Mexican food, we had to travel far from the Huntington area, so we decided to open a very small restaurant in East Northport, The lil Caboose.

In 1995, The lil Caboose, was awarded as one of “The Top Ten Restaurants Of Long Island”, by Newsday. By the end of 1996, with the support of our clientele, we opened the Oaxaca restaurant in Huntington village, where we once again found ourselves the happy recipients of an award, this time as one of Newsday’s “The Best Top Ten List Of 1997.”

We settled in Huntington with Oaxaca for ten years, enjoying customers from all over Long Island. Our local Huntington clientele was growing in great numbers, so we felt it was time to expand. During this time, school teachers invited us to give important lectures in their schools on Mexican food and culture. We really enjoyed sharing our knowledge with the community. For these main reasons, we decided to open Quetzalcoatl, our full scale restaurant, where we offer a richer variety of Mexican dishes and a full bar to allow guests to sample delicious Mexican cocktails prepared the proper way.

Chichimecas was agroups of people migrating from North of Mexico to the country center (altiplano). They master the smoking food tecniques from whos we learned and used today, specialty when it comes to the use of chili pepper and spycies used on the meat for smoking. Chichimecas offer the food tha make Lil caboose, Oaxaca, Quetzalcoatl the favorite mexican restaurants on Long Island. Plus Chichimecas ofering the smoking Mexican recipies to Its menu.

Welcome to Chichimecas and Buen Provecho.

Alex & Maria

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