Chichimecas Restaurant


Come and enjoy the Best Mexican Restaurant on Farmingdale!

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Chichimecas Mexican Restaurant is a family run and authentic Southern Mexican restaurant in Farmingdale, NY. When you’re looking for traditional Mexican food, look no further than Chichimecas. They serve authentic Spanish food that tastes like it’s straight from Spain. Every customer understands that this Mexican-Spanish restaurant is the place to go.

Alejandro has been in the restaurant business for many years and understands what customers want when they visit his Mexican restaurant. His culinary staff prepares the most authentic Mexican cuisine and serves up dishes you can’t resist.

Our authentic cuisine was created using traditional recipes and spices commonly found in Mexican cuisine. All of our menu items can be customized to your taste. Our cooks prepare each dish using the freshest ingredients available. If you are in the mood for a great Mexican meal, come to Chichemecas.

Chicimecas specialties include smoked food techniques with different types of chilies. All dishes at Chichimecas Mexican food restaurant are prepared with native Mexican philosophy in mind. The saying is, “We are what we think and what we eat.” Using traditional Spanish food ingredients that are a part of … Read More…